Lemony Flutter

Lemony flutter and the new Orly polishes.

Lemony flutter and the new Orly polishes.

I don’t usually use cuticle oil, but when I saw Lemony Flutter at Lush, I opened it like any sane person would, and that ladies and gentlemen was mistake number one. Mistake number two happened when I applied a teeny amount to each of my nails and in-hailed deeply, oh the lemony smell, so fresh, so yummy, so I bought it. What?Β 

Admittedly I do use quite a lot of nail polish so I was in need of a good quality cuticle oil or in this case cuticle butter. It’s quite a thick consistency, not at all like a typical body butter and it’s a little grainy too (but oddly goes on smooth), but I really like that about this product. You’ll be pleased to know my cuticles and hands look less gollum like and more hand model.

How I use Lemony Flutter:

  1. Remove that old icky polish. I pull apart a cotton ball and pad those pieces over each nail and saturate with pure acetone.
  2. Soap and water to wash the acetone off.
  3. Lemony flutter time!Β 
  4. Dip cotton ball in a small amount of acetone and rub over nail only. This is to get the oil off your nails before we apply polish.Β 
  5. Base coat let dry, add your choice of polish followed by top coat.
  6. Lemony flutter once more! Yep, one more time with the cuticle butter. I’ll typically do my whole hand this time because using acetone can dry out your skin something chronic.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my first post and thanks for reading!

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