Melodious Utopia

Orly's Melodious Utopia

Orly’s Melodious Utopia

I never know what to expect with yellow polishes, you can never tell if they’re going to go on well or how opaque they’ll be, they’re tricky little buggers. I liked this yellow enough to dive into the deep and get it.
It has this little micro glitter shimmer to it which looks really beautiful because it isn’t yellow glitter, it’s a rusty pinkish-rose gold like colour. Yeah, it’s hard to describe, it’s even harder to photograph!

Orly’s Melodious Utopia like any yellow goes on a little streaky, but I think that was mainly because it a semi-sheer polish. Meaning it will never really reach a 100% opacity level, so for this reason I applied a ridge base filler before anything else. 2 coats later and I’m finished.

What’s your thoughts on yellow polishes?

Still can't get that shimmer!!! The bottle's shimmer will have to do.

Still can’t get that shimmer!!! The bottle’s shimmer will have to do.



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