It’s a crush -Pink-

I have a penchant for all things pink as of late, which may not be of any concern to you but to me, it’s odd. I’m really not a pink person and I really should stop saying that because clearly all things point to me being a pink person.
Pink nail polish,Ā  a pink hanging lantern and not to mention the RED filing cabinet that I spray painted…pink! So I think it’s clear to everyone, that I do in fact, like pink.

I don’t think in the near future I’ll be running out to grab the latest pink jacket, shirt, shoes etc. For now it’s restricted to homewares or general decoration items like flowers…and perhaps beauty products like the chichi lipstick I just bought a few days back and the bright pink blush I’ve owned for a while now that gets a daily work out.

Well, with that confession out of the way, I think we better kick off my ‘official’ love for pink with 8 of my latest crush items.
See you guys tomorrow with my new pink jacket.


One. African juju hat from safari fusion/ Two. Assorted canvas art work from Michelle Armas/ Three. Contrast vase by Kosta boda from Peters of Kensington/ Four. Watch from Marc by marc jacobs on Asos/ Five. Kate desk calendar from Adore home magazine/ Six. Pink vessels from Adore home magazine/ Seven. Peony flowers from any good florist/ Eight. Pink bargello picture frame, large or small from Dana Gibson.


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