One, Two, Three.

The one thing I love about most magazines is that they often feature one garment that has been styled a few different ways, or they have something like key pieces for this season. Even some blogs have cool sections of things I love, items I need, style this etc…I cannot get enough of them and often want to buy most of the items they feature, because, you know…I have a disposable income and am amazing at styling.  Not.

What it is though, is great window shopping. It’s also a way to help you refine your style and it forces you look at clothing differently, so you’re less likely to impulse buy and more likely to buy practical items you can style at least three different ways.

So I finally took a shot at putting one together myself.
I find that I am defiantly a minimalist in the jewelry department, I’ve never worn that much. Just my wedding ring and a pair of earrings, sometimes a necklace if I’m feeling not dressed enough. Anyway, take a look and tell me what you think.

Cheap monday

Cheap Monday striped high waist skinny jeans used throughout.

One. Black coat/ Two. Oversize check shirt/ Three. Cut out boot/ Four.  Patent belt/ Five. Two tone necklace
Spring fling.
One. Chambray denim top/ Two.  Round sunglasses/ Three. Swarovski earrings/ Four. Floral tote bag/ Five. White ballet flats
Night out.
One.  Star-burst earrings/ Two. White shoulder bag/ Three. Belted boot/ Four. Cashmere sweater/ Five. Studded collar shirt


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