CND Vinylux


So, have you guys heard the news? No?
CND the mother of shellac polishes are preparing to release another revolution into the polish world. Vinylux.

It sounds strange I know but CND is bringing shellac quality home. That’s right, it’s not a typo. Shellac quality right in the comfort of your own home, the best part, you won’t need a curing lamp. I guess you want the low down hey?

How it works.
VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are a system that is uniquely designed to work together. Patent-pending ProLight technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time. I know, I had to read it a few times too. A top coat that actually strengthens over time and exposure to natural light. Amazing!

So how do I apply Vinylux polish you ask? Just like any regular polish, two coats of colour polish and one coat of weekly top coat. All you have to do next is wait eight and a half minutes and hey! presto! You’re ready to roll!

If you’re like me and love the strength shellac gives your nails but don’t like to have the same colour on for a full two weeks or more, then you’ll be chomping at the bit for the release of these little beauties.
The only catch I can see is finding a supplier who will stock them, as they will only be available for purchase through nail salons. So, um…Good-luck with that!

Vinylux comes in no less than 62 shades and more than 30 of  CND’s most popular shellac colours. Retail prices are said to be around the $10 U.S. mark.

Personally I feel most people go to a salon to have their nails done for them, to feel pampered. But, that said, it’s expensive. I’m guilty of going to salons just to have my nails shaped and a different shade put on.
Only time will tell the popularity of Vinylux. Personally I think it’ll be a winner.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you will try it out?




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