Make some noise


See I told you, I’m not only obsessed with Orly. China glaze is one of my top picks too and I have way, waaay more of CG than of Orly.

This little beauty ‘make some noise’ is from the Electro Pop collection and is a coral-ish red. I say coral-ish red because is some lights is red and others it’s coral. I really should take photos before I put a top coat on…I swear, every-time I use that UV top coat it darkens the original colour. Annoying!

Anyway, there isn’t anything else I can really say about this polish other than it goes on really smooth, spreads even and is opaque in 2 coats.

On another quick unrelated note, I recently purchased 8 more polishes (Yay!!) and noticed more and more polish brands are jumping on the ‘texture’ wagon, or ‘sand-wagon’ if you will.
Personally…not for me. What do you guys think of this new trend?



Oh hey flash! Whoops!

Oh hey flash! Whoopsie…


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