It’s a crush -botanical-

My recent home-ware crush is on botanical themed items, they invoke a fresh nature into any home and I stumbled across my first piece on the cover of the recent may edition on real living -a staple magazine of course- the bright and fun print on wallpaper that you see below in a banana leaf and palm print with a vibrant orange background. I love it and am considering installing it in our backroom for a bit of punch.

The room in question is 90% covered in wood panels, hideous! Needless to say I have painted the entire room white and it needs…something. The other 10% you might be wondering is plaster board from hip height up on the window side, perfect for wallpaper. It’s just screaming at me, wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper!!!!

I love the botanical prints from west elm, I’m not really sure what it is about them I love so much. The muted tones, textures, shapes or all of the above.Β  I desperately need them near my kitchen. Just like the pair of Moroccan garden stools -number seven- I can’t live without. Do I sound a little over-dramatic? Yes, of course. I just love homewares, they can change the feel -and look- of your house, even just a few key pieces.

The last few items I’m loving are the little figurines you can get almost anywhere now, like the paper machΓ© birds from west elm -the ones I want to paint in glorious bird type colour- or the brass elephant and gorilla from target…the American target that is. I know, depressing. Why are the Australian targets so poor when compared to America? Oh well.Β 

Enjoy the rest.

knick knacks

One. Lawrence McRae lacey vase/ Two. Julien Macdonald paradise wallpaper -not in online catalogue, in store-/ Three. Paper mache animal sculptures/ Four. Wall art at west elm/ Five. Brass animals/ Six. Real beetle riding a tricycle/ Seven. Moroccan garden stool


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