One, Two, Three

I love a good jacket and that’s no lie because…I own about 10 in black alone. Yet, I’ve no white jacket or camel for that matter. So strange…

The white jacket I used in this week’s three ways was not my first choice or the one I am desperate for. This one here is the one I really wanted. I didn’t use the one I want because I super, super dislike using images that don’t come with a white background for these posts.

The first look ‘summer night casual’ I love, love, love and it seems I’ve extended my love for pink into clothing -I told you it would happen- sooner than I thought. I have never really been good with layering but this time I thought it would be cool to layer these dresses for a bohemian type look, but of course you can wear them separately. Who wouldn’t wear that beautiful floral pink t-shirt dress, a pair of stockings and your done!

‘Textures’ is a fairly obvious approach to styling. The top is asymmetrical and allows pulls and folds in the fabric that make is really interesting. The jeans, are just amazing. I mean, Balmain. Need I say more? Yes, I will never in my lifetime own a pair because they are so freaking expensive.

Last but not least is ‘weekend out’ with a casual but dressy approach that has me set for all occasions.

I’m picturing all these looks with sock buns. Who doesn’t love a sock bun,right!? They’re so easy and classic. Oh! and those awesome ethnic looking soft headbands, have you seen those? My cousin wore one a few weeks back with her hair up and it looked stunning. Could you imagine the bun and one of those, amazing!

So, now I’ve finished my little essay here I’ll leave you in peace.


one two three -jacket-

Jacket used throughout from Harrods.

Summer night casual.
One. T-back maxi dress/ Two. T-shirt in bright floral/ Three. Patent leather gladiator sandals/ Four. Cross-body satchel.
One.Β  Studded bucket bag/ Two. Balmain stretch denim jeans/ Three. Love knot earrings/ Four. Asymmetrical top/ Five. Texas ankle boot.
Weekend out.
One. Silk and cotton top by Temperley London/ Two. White clutch/ Three. Angel fold skirt/ Four. Stockings -Yeah, they’re stocked everywhere-/ Five. Suede oxfords.


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