High roller


Red nails. Not many people wear red polish, it’s the same with red lipstick. Think about it, how many women did you spot today wearing red lippy? I’ll bet 2 or less. I don’t suppose you look at people’s hands on a daily basis, so instead go to your polish collection and see how many red polishes you own. One? I’ll bet that’s pretty common or even two. But no more. If you do own more than that, then your obviously a polish hoarder like myself.

Even though I do have more than one red polish, I rarely wear them. Red is such a strong colour. It can make you feel more attractive, powerful and even self-conscious. I think it’s the latter that makes most women stray from wearing red.

High roller from china glaze is a jelly that goes on incredibly smooth and is opaque in 2 coats. It’s not a bright red but it isn’t a dark red either. It’s kind of in-between.


P.s Bonus photo of my puppy Jazz. She’s super adorable when she isn’t eating all the plants in the backyard. :)

In direct sunlight high roller looks vivid.

In direct sunlight high roller looks vivid.


High roller in full shade.



4 thoughts on “High roller

  1. Strangely i feel the opposite! I love a good red polish, and i have to stop myslef buying them every time i find them. I try other colours and decide my fingers look weird, so i go back to my trusty red. Speaking of which, i should go put some on now…

    • Everyone has their trusty colour. I’m sure your fingers don’t look funny with other colours, you’re just used to seeing them with red :) haha

    • Thanks for you comment, you raise a very valid point with blue based vs orange. Blue seems unbelievably hard to find at times…but I love a good orange base :)

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