Choreographed Chaos


I love this colour, I do not however, love how it went on. It was the biggest pain in the ass ever and if you’re thinking ‘why didn’t you just do really thin coats?’ No. Just, no. I tried thin coats, I don’t think this polish understands what streaky means -I would have been fine with streaky coats-. This was more like…I don’t even know how to describe it. It didn’t spread. The first thin stroke stopped mid-nail. Not good.

So I tried ‘normal coats’ and when I drew the brush over my nail the first time I was all like ‘hallelujah’ this will work. No, no it didn’t. By the time my brush had finished the second stroke, my first stroke was drying which made all other strokes pull the previous polish and create a lovely lumpy effect.

My last ditch effort and my most hated “technique” which really isn’t a technique at all. One thick, thick, thick, thick coat. Ew, I shudder at the thought even now. But, you’ll be please to know it worked quite well as you can see from my photo proof. Needless to say the lesson learned from this; to have polish thinner on hand at all times.

So next time I expect better results. I love this colour and it’s little purple micro glitter, it’s from Orly’s new collection mash up and lucky for you guys, I have another polish from this collection to swatch in the next few days. I also hope to have some VINYLUX this weekend!! I’m super excited to try it out!!





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