It’s a crush -Money-

I have a long standing crush with money -but don’t we all- and I can’t help my talent for picking the most expensive item on a magazine page or internet site. If only I had the cash to splash, so I thought why not show you some amazing -expensive- homewares I’m crushing on right now. Feel free to buy me some, ok?

If you know me well I’m sure you will be able to pick the item I am most obsessed with at the moment…it’s number one. The giant -ok, normal sized- white porcelain pineapple. I love pineapples. They just look so unique, such an awesome textured skin and contrast with their leafy head. Love it, want it, need it right now.

Second favourite in this group would have to be the gigantic knit throw. I just want to bury myself in it and never come out again. They are the biggest trending item in manchester right now and are around $500 a pop. Regardless of the price, can’t you just see yourself cuddled up in a cozy coma dreaming of Ryan Reynolds? I can.

And just to add a little more whimsy in your life, why not get some snail place card holders. I’d pull them out every time I had a dinner party…which is exactly. Never. So I’d just use them in styling my bookcase.

Enjoy the rest.

Golden tones
One. Porcelain pineapple/ Two. Uashmama washable paper bags/ Three. Chunky knit throw/ Four. Glass jars from crate & barrel (site currently down)/ Five. Brass pineapple ice bucket/ Six. Snail place card holders/ Seven. Gold python frame/ Eight. Leopard pencil holder and tray/ Nine. Muse blanc candle.


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