Snap my dragon -Gradient-


I’ve always loved the ombre nail look ever since I first saw it, but I just never got around to trying it out. Don’t worry I researched ‘how to ombre nails’, ‘best ombre nails’, ‘what works best for ombre nails’ about a ba-jillion times and I still managed to stuff up the first go.

That’s right what you see above and below is attempt number 2. My first go you can see on instagram, complete with sponge stuck to my nails and all. So pretty.

My second attempt was assisted by watching a YouTube video be MissJenFABULOUS who suggests cutting the sponge to your nail size, layering the polish on and then dabbing it onto your nails. It works incredible well…apart from all the clean up when you get it on your skin.

It took me forever -exaggerate that forever- and I mean it. I even used vaseline!!

Clean up aside, I think my nails look amazing! I used china glaze snap my dragon and orly choreographed chaos mainly because I love pink and red together. Next time I think I’m going to try using acrylic paints, apparently they work better and obviously clean up easier. I mean, water, hello! What could be easier than rinsing you nails under water or using a wet paint brush to brush the excess off? Nothing!

So many photos and thanks to my darling hubby for taking the double hand photos.


Can you see the pink sparkle in both colours?

Can you see the pink sparkle in both colours?


Super close up

Super close up



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