Black onxy -Gradient-

DSC03737 (2)YES

I loved trying out ombre so much I had to try it again. This time instead of using vaseline and hours -ok, an hour- of clean up I tried a method my dear mother suggested and found via my most loved site, pinterest.

Glue. Yep. The idea is to paint around your nails with glue and let it dry, paint your nails and then simply peel it off.

Naturally I tried it.

It was fairly simple, I used a hair dryer to speed the drying process and applied a fairly thick layer of glue. I even put some on my nail just in front of my cuticle to cut even more clean up time. So the time came to peel back the glue -I used seche vite quick dry top coat before hand- I used a small pair of scissors to lift the corner of the glue and pulled slowly back. Brilliant! Hardly any clean up at all!!

I will note that you shouldn’t bother with the glue in front of your cuticle as it pulls up the polish a little and you’ll have to go over it with acetone and a paint brush to smooth and clean it up properly.

What do you think about ombre 2.0?

I used O.P.I black onyx on the bottom, Sally Hansen celeb city in the middle and Orly la vida loca at the top.


DSC03728 (2)YES


DSC03746 (2)YES

DSC03726 (2)YES


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