It’s a crush -Arty-

I seriously wish the inside of my living room looked like this right now. So arty and interesting. That couch for one is amazing! I love the white piping, I mean how often do you see contrasting piping on a couch.

The pendant lights -Number 2- are from ikea, I did tweak the colour, so don’t get too excited. They are only available in vibrant blue and yellow as well as the standard black. I figured I could give it a rough sand and spray paint it a custom colour. Put your hands up if you love ikea hacks!

They look a little odd, but number 7 are actually vases. I really want to know how they stand like that.

I don’t know about you guys, but I struggle to stick to a ‘theme’ or colour pallet for my lounge room, living room…actually any room. There are just endless styles I like and can picture in our house. Right now our entertainment unit -a series of long draws stretching the length of the wall, that the hubby knocked up- is painted a high gloss teal and I would love to have the rest of the room shades of blues. Just last week however I was wanting a bright coloured rug, a tetris style coffee table and white couch to name a few.

The back living area doesn’t get any better, I’ve changed my mind on wallpaper styles numerous times now. I think it comes down to not wanting to stuff up. Tell me your the same!?



One. Art print/ Two. Pendant light/ Three. The lovely barrington sofa/ Four. Ibis Table Lamp/ Five. Cushions all from adairs/ Six. X bench/ Seven. Pik vase





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