Fancy pants


Well hello there fancy pants so nice to meet you.

I know why this polish got it’s name, alright, I’m just guessing.  I think it’s because under different lighting situations it basically looks like a different colour and someone noticed this and went “well, well, look at your Mr.Fancy pants.” Well that’s my theory, even as I’m sitting here typing fancy pants looks like a deep rich purple with no hint of the pink micro glitter in sight.

Seriously, look at all the photos I’ve taken, they all look so different and were taken in basically the same light. Indoors. I did use a flash so I think that caused it to change colour slightly as well as my hand positions.

I also tried an undercoat to bring out the pink micro glitter and I think it worked…sort of. Actually it’s probably just my imagination and wishing that I didn’t waste polish because this isn’t a jelly base and it was opaque in basically one coat…err… My bad.

It did go on pretty well with a semi thick coat and was opaque in one coat, but being a little pedantic with polish I used two.


P.s. A bonus photo of our fluffy kitten Molly, or as we like to call her, Moll…alright, alright it’s Mole. Don’t look at me like that, it’s funny.
Just picture it “Hey Mole”, “Whatcha’ doin’ Mole”, “Shut up Mole!” < We use that one when she’s incessantly meowing, if cat’s could talk I’m 90% sure she would be saying “Dad, I’m in here”, “Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad” “You guys, you accidentally closed me in the backroom”, “Hello, is some one there?”, “Hello…Hello…Hello” Yeah, she’s the annoying kid.



Fancy pants



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