Night sky angel


New polish time! This is Paris glow nails gel nail polish that can be cured under both UV and LED lamps.

The polish it’s self is very thick, I was quite amazed how thick it actually was -it about as thick as clag paste- and thought maybe there was a problem with the batch. Nope. It went on quite smooth, but I did have to drag the excess gel off the brush quite a bit as to not flood my nail beds. This could defiantly be a one coat wonder.

There were bubbles and it shrunk a bit -hence my double coating- when I was curing, but overall it was pretty good.

I love that they colour the bottles the exact colour of the polish and this colour is lovely, quite dark when in shade or indoors but get it in the sun it looks bright indigo. Love it.

Their website says 21 days chip free, so I guess I will wait and see…if I have it on for that long. You will see more reviews by me on Paris glow as I have 2 more gels from their collections.



How it looks most of the time.




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