Most wanted

My most wanted this week include accessories of any kind, like I’ve mentioned before I really am just not one of those women who love shoes, jewelry, handbags or scarves. Just give me some great clothing and I’ll make everything else work.

I probably have a total of 5 shoes on rotation; A pair of knee length wedge boots, black flats with gold accent, leopard print flats, ankle boots with a quilted detail at the heel…….and I have no idea what the 5th shoe actually is. Of-course I don’t just own these shoes, I own many…more than many, I did work in a shoe store. I just have a problem deciding what I should wear and if they are too dressy, not appropriate or whatever else comes to mind and mainly that whatever else is: can I run in these if I need to? Will my feet get sore?
Oh please! When did I last run…ever? and sore feet?? I won’t even dignify that with a response.

On with my most wanted! Prints!

They can be quirky, -hello, five and eight- pretty, subtle -lookin’ at you number one- and sometimes just in your face. Everything on this page is interchangeable, it all just “goes” and that was not planned. My favorite is by far the bird skirt and red peplum top. If you need a new wardrobe I’m telling you, look no further. Pencil skirts are timeless and so are these prints. I feel another three ways coming up and I might just have to use a skirt from this page…I bet you can guess which one.



One. Jacquard Top/ Two. Araka printed skirt/ Three. Tibi peplum top/ Four. Victoria floral skirt/ Five. Longuette skirt/ Six. Striped sleeve jumper/ Seven. Night floral trousers/ Eight. Zebra shirt (topshop featured sold out) Similar here/ Nine. Longline shirt.


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