Full moon

Full moon

Another day another shellac…by Paris glow nails.

This time I worked out if I put the polishes on my semi-warm wheat bag they go on so much smoother! It was a dream run.

When I was purchasing full moon I thought it was going to be more like a topcoat type sparkle, boy was I wrong. Doesn’t matter! This is a great neutral polish that won’t ever be opaque -in other words, you will always see your nail tips under the polish- and you will need at least 3 coats for decent coverage.

The one thing I wish this polish had more of…Glitter! Who doesn’t want more glitter? This is the perfect polish to go glitter crazy, so next time I’m going to put a super glitter top coat over it and the time after that I’m going to try a saran wrap -or gladwrap for us Auzzies- mani with the pink shellac I have waiting for me to try on.

Yay! ‘Til next time guys.


Full moon

Full moon

Full moon



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