One, Two, Three

Let me start by saying I found some shoes this week that I just love. I’m pretty sure you can see what ones they are at first look…I’ll give you a hint. They have palm trees on them. It’s like looking at a tropical holiday, hence my first outfit.

Beautiful tropical colours that make you feel like you’re on a holiday retreat at some ludicrously expensive resort. I wish, but I will settle for the clothes instead, especially those shoes.

Poolside is my next favourite set with its lusciously bright tiger swimsuit I could just sink my teeth into. The earrings are by far one of my most favourite items on the entire page –besides the skirt- made by some beautiful person on etsy.

The skirt is unbelievably comfortable -just what you’d expect from witchery-  and is super flattering with it drop hem. The colour is to die for and is in my personal opinion the perfect shade of magenta for any skin tone.


witchery three ways

Skirt used throughout from witchery.
Tropical affair
One. Polka dot coat/ Two. Leaf print shirt/ Three. Rio sunset sandal/ Four. Brass pendant necklace
One. Loose drape shirt/ Two. Pyramid earrings/ Three. Tiger swimsuit/ Four. Cross body bag/ Five. Low wedge sandal
Black pop
One. Quilted jacket/ Two. Moschino watch/ Three. Multi floral top/ Four. Duffel bag/ Five. Nude heels


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