Ruff and ready

Jessica - ruff and ready

Just look at that polish, so beautiful.

When I first heard about this new ‘texture’ fad I was all like “ew, no way will I ever wear anything like that” and “um, ugly polishes anyone” I just didn’t get why everyone seemed to love it. Shall I just eat my words now?

I will admit it’s not as bad as I thought it was, but!!!! I don’t like all ‘texture’ polishes. I really like the glitter texture ones, those other ones like the china glaze texture range. Nope.

I hadn’t really heard of Jessica polishes before so when I saw these on the front page of the site I usually by all my polishes from I was super intrigued. The bottle looked amazing and the polish inside was too good to be true. It looked more white and pink marbled in the bottle and when I got it I think I was hoping for white, silver and pink and for it to be pretty chunky to spread across my nails. It wasn’t.

Ruff and ready feels -and looks- like it only contains glitters, from super fine micro particles to the bigger silver circle glitters. Spread quality, as of right now, it is the best polish I have ever used. Super smooth and easy to use.

I have one more from this effects the touch collection and cannot wait to share it with you guys. What do you think?


Jessica - ruff and ready

Jessica - ruff and ready

jessica - ruff and ready


2 thoughts on “Ruff and ready

    • How do you find their polishes? I hope the refresh all their bottles like this one because they look so luxe and different to most other brands :) Loving this texture polish!

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