Passion for petals


Yeah I know what your thinking…I thought you loved that texture polish by Jessica?! Why have you got a new polish on! Err, it’s because I’m super impatient and I couldn’t wait any longer to try striping tape.

I was so close to putting on my second texture polish my Jessica but decided this colour and tape worked better. Now I’m just wondering why it took me so long to order this tape. I love it and it is incredibly easy to use.

I used china glaze passion for petals, it looked a little lighter and less red in the bottle than it does here in the pictures and in sunlight it completely changed to a darker more red than coral type colour. It didn’t have the greatest flow but still went on fairly hassle free. Here I have 3 coats to achieve opaqueness.

Have you used or ever wondered how easy/hard striping tape is to use. Feel free to leave me some idea for future applications :)


passion for petals

This is probably the most accurate for colour.



Sunlight changed everything!


passion for petals


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