Blueberry blast

blueberry blast

New day, new polish.

This little lovely is by Misa a nail lacquer brand I haven’t used before. Blueberry blast is apart of their fresh and fruity summer collection, of course it’s winter here in Australia so these are bound to cheer you up and chase those winter blues away. Literally…with blue polish. Yeah, that was an attempt at a joke and a berry bad one at that. Oh I just can’t stop!

Blue is usually one of my favourite colours but not so much for nail polish, I can’t tell you why because I actually have no idea why my love for blue doesn’t extend to polishes. I love it for wall colours like feature walls in a bedroom or a blue based teal for a feature couch/ piece of furniture. I just cannot get into blue nail polishes, but I’m willing to try. :)

Blueberry blast didn’t go on very smooth -it’s one of those polishes that could do with some thinning agent- and only took 2 coats to become opaque. So far I actually don’t mind it, it’s quite a cheery sky blue. Perhaps my mind is changing already.


blueberry blast

blueberry blast

blueberry blast

Bonus photo! It's an odd hand pose but hey! I'm no hand model.

Bonus photo! It’s an odd hand pose but hey! I’m no hand model.


4 thoughts on “Blueberry blast

  1. This blue looks fabulous on you! It’s such a beautiful color. I can understand being a little bit wary about wearing blue on the nails, but this is more of a neutral approach rather than a full out bright blue polish. You have nice nails by the way. They are just shaped in a particularly nice shape.

    • Oh neutral, I never thought of this blue like that. Nail shaping petrifies me!! Especially when you nail snaps!!! Hahaha thanks for the comment Sam.

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