Great grape

great grape

I’m really loving these Misa polishes and their one coat wonderfulness.

However, I have been experiencing ‘tip wear’ -well that’s what I call it- where the very tip of the nail polish shrinks to expose your nail underneath, generally only 1mm but it’s enough to be really annoying. I think this is cause by my seche top coat, because we all know that seche shrinks. I’m thinking I might try a different top coat soon, one without tourmaline. Suggestions welcome!! My only criteria is that is has to be super shiny!

Anyway great grape is a very pretty colour and most reviewers are saying they liken this to a periwinkle blue rather than a grape colour. To a point I do agree, but like most colours I think their true shade is when your indoors in the…a-hem…shade and when I’m indoors…I see a beautiful light lavender with a hint of blue. Outdoors it’s periwinkle all over! Check out my instagram and you will understand.

Like usual I used two coats and took a bazillion photos most of which look like crap. Yay. So here are the best.


P.s. Bonus puppy photo!!

great grape

great grape



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