Peach passion

Peach passion

I’ve been waiting to get my nails on this colour, but I set myself a strict order of polish application and I was not going to break it and I’m still not…I left all my favourite colour to last. Although now I’m not so sure.

Peach passion is my favourite polish ever. Ever. How many times have you seen a peach polish? Not many I’d bet and this one is the most perfect shade of peach.

The flow was rather streaky on first application but I think that is fairly normal with most creme polishes, second application evened out all the blemishes, add seche vite and you’ll have a super shiny peachy manicure.

Ugh, I can’t talk about this polish any longer…I keep getting distracted by the pretty photos and my pretty little peachy digits typing away on my itty bitty keyboard, tap, tap, tapping away. What? Sorry I missed what you said, I was busy staring at ma peachy digits.




Peach passion

Just in-case you follow my instagram and want to know where this new background colour comes from, it’s my new entry way colour! Pretty!






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