Touch it


Go on, just touch it, feel the effect. I’m pretty sure I said that a bazillion times at my brother in-laws wedding last night. I’m not complaining because I love how it feels and I get excited talking to people about it.

I painted my nails at the very very last minute, so I apologize if the quality isn’t quite up to scratch and the fact my skin looks incredibly dry. My mistake and don’t worry I’ve learned my lesson and will never paint my nails last minute again, especially BEFORE I put on my dress. What was I thinking…Answer: I wasn’t.

The wedding was amazing with a beautiful bride, -yes, incredibly she didn’t run away!- great speeches and a beautiful first dance. I know you’re dying to know what her dress looked like and I don’t think my description will do it justice but here it goes; long lace sleeves, with high collarbone neck line, fitted bodice down to hip flowing out very gently to a full skirt….yeah…I’m sure I can get my hot little hands on some photos in the future.

Back to the polish!! Just like the other Jessica effects polish it went on like a dream and 2 coats was all I needed. It’s not a brilliant gold as you can see but it would be flattering on any skin tone. I love these polishes and it feels similar to sand, so I think I need to get my hands on some O.P.I texture polish to compare.





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