Retro chic



So I’m giving my nails a 2 week holiday. Well a shellac holiday anyway, in hopes that my two thumb nails don’t actually break off. Currently I have -in the same spot on each thumb- a gigantic crack…well it’s about 1/2 a cm here in realityland and if it breaks off, my thumb nails will be right down to the skin, ick!

At least I get to look at this lovely retro pink, I don’t think I’ll get sick of this too quickly. It’s lovely and cheery to look at and has a tinge of purple with my notorious indoor lighting.

One thing I want to pick on is how much product the brush holds. It’s too much and floods my nail-beds unless I wipe and wipe and wipe, you get the idea. But that’s the only thing I can really pick on. The size of the bottles is amazing for the price you pay and the quality is fantastic, I can’t recommend Paris Glow Nails enough. I’ll for sure be buying more of their shellacs in the future and one more bonus!! There’s no smell! So no yucky nail salon smells for you at home.






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