Ripe raspberry


Excuse my nails and dry, dry skin. Winter has officially kicked in…at least at night and my hands are ridiculously worse for wear.

Ripe raspberry is a cute little pink/purple shade that makes my skin look super pale or ‘porcelain’ as I like to think of it. Application is incredible smooth and you could easily get away with one coat.

So on another note, you may have noticed I didn’t last a full two weeks with my shellac…As if you thought I would! I did try my hardest by distracting myself with homewares goodness and I tried to write a post, even a most wanted post, but my inspiration is lacking in that department of late. If you can think of any amazing home decor sites -even tell me what you’d like to see- I would be a thousand times grateful.

Also I wanted to thank-you all for following my little blog. I don’t know if you have realized yet, but I’m getting awfully close to 100 followers -YIPPEE-Β  and thought what better to celebrate by hosting a giveaway. Oh, sorry. Did you miss that? I’ll write it in capitals…GIVEAWAY.

So, get your thinking caps on because I want to hear from you! If it were up to you, what would you like to receive? This giveaway will be open internationally -how could it not be?!- because I love you all like I love cake.





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