It’s a crush -Nurserys-

Before I even begin let’s get the question out of the way. No. I am not pregnant, nor am I clucky, looking to get pregnant or even interested in having children till I’m like 30. Maybe even later. Ok, awesome, thank-you for playing let’s move on.

Nursery’s are one area I would love to design because they are so versatile and there is no wrong way of planning or decorating how you want it to be. Yes, I said it. How YOU want it to be because let’s face facts, the kid isn’t going to know what style or objects they love until they’re like 5 -possibly even older- and until then you call the shots.

Personally I do love the neutral look, a bit of grey, a splash of yellow, one awesome rug and you’ve got me hook, line and sinker. However, I’ve been watching the block -An Australian renovation show- and the contestants Matt and Kim have a super arty and kitschy type design style that I adore. So I thought “Woah man! That’s totally my style…a tad more crazy, but totally me! I could definitely design a room like them.” << That’s a completely true story.

Anyway…the point being, when we do have kids how am I going to style the nursery? I love the idea of having it fairly gender neutral regardless of finding out the sex in advance or not. Mainly I think I just want it to be fun. So when I found these animals lights -eight- the creative juices started to flow.

I give you; Circus nursery. Pretty cute! I love, love, love the art work and could easily move it into a different room in the future. The gigantic stuffed elephant toy? Amazing! I want to hug whoever made that and I did mean gigantic as it stands nearly as tall and a crib. Beach ball lights? Are you crazy?! Yes, yes I am, crazy for them. I did want to find pendant lamp with balloons and I did find one here but…crappy picture and they didn’t quite look right.

What do you think? A little crazy, totally not your style?


Circus nursery

One. Artwork by Maria Pace Wynters – follow her on wordpress/ Two. Balloon pendant lights/ Three. Empire rocking chair/ Four. Old fashion iron cot, other colour available/ Five. Candy dot rug/ Six. Oversize wool felt elephant/ Seven. Couture furniture/ Eight. Zzzooolight, Giraffe and elephant sold separately.


2 thoughts on “It’s a crush -Nurserys-

  1. I run a baby linen company and love seeing when people take interests in nurserys <3 Love this post. Specially the elephants as our safari theme is definitely picking up lately. J x

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