Pacific fever…and more.


Ulta3 is a super cheap Aussie made polish that you can find at almost any pharmacy. You’ve probably seen them and thought eww, cheapo polish. I know I have.

Well! You would be wrong! The quality of these polishes are actually pretty darn good and at $2 a pop, it won’t break your budget. However, bin diving is another ball game all together. I hate it! I feel so cheap and….strange just doing it!

Ulta3 have a few collections that I really want, like dark romance. I cannot find it anywhere! Guess I’ll start a pharmacy raid ’till I find them.



In other news…My giveaway is here!!!!

I initially wanted to host this giveaway in August -but got to 100 followers soon than anticipated!- because as we all know, that is when all the big brands release their new lines. So! This giveaway is open for 1 month…and a little so I can get my hot little hands on some new orly polishes just for you.

Oh the prizes! I knew I forgot something.


First prize is this little beauty. A full size set of the Orly Surreal colours collection due out August 20th. So yes, there will be a slight delay in shipping.


Second prize is this cute little Couture de Minni set by OPI, oh yes, these are full size bottles too. Do I love you guys or what!

So you’ll have to go to my facebook page here and click on the giveaway tab to enter. I know it’s annoying but I can’t host it here are wordpress are a bit funny about it. Don’t ask!

Who knew it would be such a big task to hold one little giveaway!



4 thoughts on “Pacific fever…and more.

    • Hi,
      It sure is open internationally, all you have to do to enter is head to the giveaway tab (it’s next to the photos tab) and like my page to enter. Additional entries require you to enter an email address or follow my pinterest page.
      Thanks for entering and hope I helped.

  1. One of my guilty pleasures is bin diving… and i’m actually quite fond of Ulta3! I got a red glitter polish, and although it took 6 layers to get the look i wanted, AND it peeled off in 1 day, i still loved it.

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