Take 5 with Ulta3

Ulta3 easter 2013

This is my first run in with ulta3 polishes -well, technically second as per my previous post- and so far I have nothing but positive experiences. The colours I have here today are supposedly from an easter collection? I’m not 100% on that, but the picture I found of them together on the ulta3 facebook page was a pricture of them with easter eggs…On second thought’s I think I just assumed they were a collection. Do Ulta3 do collections?!

Fruit tingle

My favourite is fruit tingle -woaah, hold on what?- no surprises there, but. Pacific fever comes in at a very, very close second. Fruit tingle is a sheer-ish jelly pink and I say sheer-ish because a jelly should be sheer enough to do a syrup manicure and this one is sheer but not really sheer enough for a syrup. So this is about 3 coats.


Mulberry is a beautiful moody maroon polish which I adore. Co-incidentally my entry way ‘feature’ wall is painted basically this exact colour, well it’s actually a taubmans colour chilled wine, but they could be sisters. I used 2 coats but should have put 3, I was too lazy.

Frog prince

Frog prince is…well I’m picturing a frog so…that’s good?
I did like frog prince and I plan on using it in a ombre in the next few weeks. This is 3 coats, 2 would have sufficed but I felt I needed 3.


Carrot top is pretty awesome, a red with a hint of orange. Say it with me people, love it!2 coats of awesomeness.

Pacific fever

And of course pacific fever is the last in this collection which I showed you last post. What a pretty teal you are. :)



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