It’s a crush -Kitchen fun-

I absolutely had no idea what to call this post pastels? Kitchenware? A few good things? I guess kitchen fun was the closest I could get to describe all the elements on this page.

I desperately want those wooden ice creams to hang somewhere in my kitchen or possibly even to place on the dead space above my cupboards, -um, after my kitchen renovations of course-Β  they could even go on top of the fridge! So many ideas! Aren’t they divine.

As you would have guessed from my blogs name I have a passion for design and who could go past the design brilliance of Florence Broadhurst? Who, show me who and I’ll gladly slap them silly. I’ll admit Japanese floral has been done to death, but if that is the only print these sunbeam appliances come in. I’ll take them…all. You might be interested to know there is a four slice toaster, kettle and even kitchen aid style mixer that goes with this set.

Another design yes. Pantone. Yes, yes, yes! They even have pantone nail polish. I know, I’m salivating. These little -large?- beauties come in all sorts of wonderful colours and they don’t just have to be used as takeaways.

Personally I think kitchens should have a beautiful array of colours, whether that be in appliance form or colourful and unusual kitchen cabinetry.


a few good things

One. Malmo stool (More colours available)/ Two. Pantone takeaway cup/ Three. Wooden popsicles/ Four. Smeg fridge/ Five. Sunbeam cafe crema espresso machine/ Six. Vintage kitchen canisters.


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