Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow

Inside without flash, I love how the blue reflects in this light.

What a delightful and appropriate name for this polish. If you haven’t already noticed over the rainbow is a glitter polish with large and small round glitter particles in different colours. It’s not exactly a one coat glitter, but one coat will give you a fair amount of glitter in comparison with other higher end glitters.

Ulta3 sure delivers on it’s glitters. The bottles are jam packed full to the point where the suspension base barely moves when I shake it up, that and the fact the bottles are so full I’m amazed they got the brush in there.

I used a gradient effect on top of 2 coats of fruit tingle. I love all the colours of this glitter, can you see the bottle below and the vibrancy of the glitters? I can’t stop staring. The teal-ish blue glitter is what seals the deal for me.

On another note I’ve been working on my photography to try and get true colour results, so I now shoot using a reflector, no flash and natural lighting. I think the results are looking very good! Toot toot! Hahaha.


Over the rainbow

Outside natural light


Over the rainbow

Outside natural light



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