Frog prince -Gradient-

Frog prince and Who's who pink

Ombre all the things I say.

I’m in love with my green to nude ombre, well heck, all ombre things including hair. Ombre hair is the best!

Like my previous ombre styles I used a makeup sponge and painted glue around my skin before I got started to minimize the cleanup. I painted the colours straight onto the sponge and the more you put the better. Only dab once or twice otherwise you will end up with pieces of sponge on your nails. Not a good look.

Anyway I will leave you to oogle at the ombre goodness.


Frog prince and whos who pink

Frog prince ombre




2 thoughts on “Frog prince -Gradient-

    • I promise you sam, it is super easy. Layer your sponge with colour and only dab once or twice!! Have fun!

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