It’s a crush -Kids clothing-

I have a confession, I love kids clothing! Buying clothing for my nieces and nephews is a favourite past time of mine, much to my husbands dismay it is more often than not from one of the big 3 here is Australia. That is; Witchery, Country Road or Seed.

I like each of them for different reasons, like I am in love with witchery’s girls clothing. I was crazy for the sequin poodle sweater, does that not scream cute to you?
The boys clothing is more mainstream…bland? It’s just. Normal. I know, normal isn’t bad but I really just want to dress my nephews up in cute little matching pants and jackets or like you will see in country road, chinos and knits. So flipping cute. Online shopping for witchery kids is not fantastic as they have a limited range available but shopping in store? You’ll do just fine, as pretty well all witchery stores also have a witchery kids section.
Country road kids clothing is a bit more on the sophisticated and grown up looking side. The boys clothing like I was talking about earlier is exactly what I want to find. Chinos with quilted knees and knit button up blazer. Very cute.
The girls clothing is a little more mature than I would like but it is still very appealing. My favourite is the red and white stripe dress.
Online shopping for country road is fantastic, you will have so much choice it will be hard to decide or it will be really easy and you will soon find you cart so full you’ll max your credit cards. Oops.

Now my favourite of all. Seed.
They just seem to have the right balance between grown up and ‘I’m a kid and I just want to have fun” and I always seem to forget how much I like them. I mean check out those flamingo leggings, the mustache tee and that puffer vest. Load me up!
Online shopping at seed is excellent, you’ll find a wide selection of footwear, accessories and even toys. Obviously the clothing will be there too.

What do you guys think?




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