Don’t mess with OPI


What is my obsession with green lately? If you have an answer for this be sure to let me know.

I feel like I’m always saying things like “I’m not a pink/green person” or even “I don’t usually like -insert colour here- polishes” I should just face it now and say I’m not a one colour person. I’m a every colour person. I do have a favourite colour, or at least I used to but not really anymore. My mum usually says that she doesn’t have a favourite colour because she doesn’t want to make all the other colours jealous. I have to agree.

Anyway, we all know OPI is a pretty quality polish and it is super darn expensive too but lately my love for OPI is fading. This lovely green was super smooth to apply and was opaque in just two coats.

The silver polish by Sally Hansen you’ve seen before and was equally as smooth to apply and opaque in three coats. It is a fantastic silver colour and stays on for a very long time, almost a week with no chipping or tip wear from my personal experience.







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