Sweet colour No.160

sweet colour 160

I like to call this midnight, it does actually appear darker than this in all other light that isn’t direct sunlight.

Again this is a jelly polish that was incredibly smooth -aren’t they all though, that’s kind of the point will jellies- and opaque in 2 coats. I could have done 3 I was just too lazy.

On another topic I was asked a lot recently how often I actually keep or change my polish, the answer of course with anyone who blogs about polish and such is; Often. Generally it’s every second day or everyday, then again is can depend on how much I like the polish, if I’m testing the wear time of a new top coat/shellac/long-wear polish, it really does vary. My husband likes to say I change my nails more than my underwear. Charming.

Right now I have around 18 new polishes to try out, most of those are ulta3 as I found the most amazing chemist stockist in Adelaide. Yippie!!

I hope your weekend was nice.


Sweet polish 160

Sweet polish 160


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