Ok, I am in-love with ulta3! In-L.O.V.E!

I cannot get enough of this colour, with it’s silver and purple flecks. How did they do this!? How! Usually with polishes the first wear is the best, like you can’t stop staring because it’s something mesmerizing and new. If your engaged or married you know what I mean, when you look at your ring for the first time and the second…and the third, well forever. I don’t know about you but after 2 years I’m still staring at it like it’s brand new. Well, that’s how I feel about this polish.

This is also a one coat wonder!! I wanted to see if anyone could tell the difference between 1 coat or 2, so in the following photos take a guess at which hand I have 2 coats on. I couldn’t tell and I bet you can’t.

Celebutant is from the glitterati collection, it took me ages to find and as a massive bonus for all my hard hunting work -haha, hard!- I also found the dark romance collection! Amazing day!



Celebutant sun

Doesn’t it look beautiful in the daylight.




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