Triple threat

Triple threat

Well as soon as I put this “triple threat” on my nails I wanted it off. A pretty unusual situation for me, I don’t even remember the last time that happened and I can’t pin point a reason as to why. I think the main one was it’s just too patriotic -not even good patriotic!-, yeah that sounds bad.
I’m not against patriotic items, heck, I even have a union jack quilt cover and am working on a pink/orange and white union jack chest of draws but this polish was just…terrible.

There are a million photos as you may have noticed and I’m still not happy with them, I couldn’t get a good photo of the polish! Annoying!

Triple threat was everything about a polish I hate, lumpy, gloopy, it certainly didn’t spread very well and it dried rough. No this is not a texture polish, rough was wrong for this polish. I could barely even see the silver holographic glitter pieces that seem so abundant in the bottle. I even applied 3 coats to try and even the lumps and roughness out and 2 coats of seche!

I have come to this conclusion; I don’t like wearing black polish, glitter or not. What do you think about black polishes? Do you own triple threat?
Well, I hope you’ve had a better polish experience than me this week.


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2 thoughts on “Triple threat

    • That’s such a great idea! I’m going to try this with a matte top coat for sure! Perhaps I’ll like it more.

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