Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo

Oh goodness me! This was the MOST annoying polish ever!

Not only was it gluggy and thick as clag glue but the spread was terrible, I tried putting it in the fridge to cool down and even tried placing it on a heat bag to warm up and loosen the polish. So many people and so many tricks and the two I tried did not help one little bit.

Lucky bamboo more often looks black than dark green but I guess that’s the idea behind the dark romance collection. I even had to tell a few people that “no it’s actually an extremely dark green.” Personally I wish it had been a smidgen lighter so you could actually get the green tinge.

I used two coats for evenness and one thick coat of seche…and I still had lumpy bits.


P.s. It was terrible to photograph, so I apologize for the “blown out.”

Lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo




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