31DC2013 Brazilliant


So, I thought I’d mention I’m doing the 31 day challenge posted on instagram -#31DC2013- by chalkboard nails a blogger I’m sure you all know.

Anyway this is day 2 orange nails. I know it’s supposed to be nail art but I’m super dooper tired today so I was a little lazy. I promise to get my nail art on with the next colour. FYI it’s yellow.

This is brazilliant by essie, I used 2 coats to reach opacity and one coat of super shiny seche. Brazilliant is supposed to have some sparkly micro glitter to it but I struggle to see the purple shimmer. Perhaps when I’m at work under the awesome downlights, just like my home they change the way my polish looks. My home darkens, my work make it look…normal? How it should be? I’m going to take a photo and show you next post. These were all taken indoors under my wacky lights.





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