31DC2013 Cherrylicious


So cherrylicious!

The epitome of a cherry colour inspired polish. I want to eat my nails, perhaps cherries would be a better option.

Another polish from Ulta3’s dark romance range -I know it’s been out for a while- which was surprisingly hard to find. Not anymore! I now have a one stop shop for ulta3 polishes in Radelaide. Winning!

This went on like a dream, like butter on toast, like liquid silk, like perfection. I used 2 coats and one thin coat of seche.

Question time! I know seche shrinks like no tomorrow and you’re left with tip wear most times after it dries. So, I’m looking for a new top coat to use. I’ve heard little about Glisten and glow top coat, all I know is it doesn’t shrink but still offers fantastic shine like SV. Do you use GG? What are you thoughts/ experiences?



In sunshine

In sunshine


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