31DC2013 Violet glitter


Yep, I skipped a few days, so I’m lazy.

This is day 6 of 31dc2013 and the colour theme is violet. The base polish I used in actually the polish I purchased for my wedding day. Yay! Second time I’ve worn it and I forget how much I love it. It’s the first polish I have ever purchased from inglot and I have to say, it’s a pretty darn good formula. It glides on like a dream. Very minimal brush strokes are apparent once dry.

The glitter coat is a born pretty store colour from their “feathers” collection…which oddly enough, it’s really feathery. As you can see it has a mixture of round glitters and tiny bar glitters. The round ones clearly dominate here, where as it should be the bar glitters in my personal opinion.

I love this manicure, or is it just the colours? I don’t know!

On a really quick separate note, don’t forget to moisturize your hands! I’m working full time again and most day’s it doesn’t cross my mind and I can tell you right now what a difference it really makes. So chuck a bottle -even a cheap one!- on your desk or in the backroom so you always have a quick chance to grab some moisture!

Enjoy the photo spam!


Indoors, probably the most accurate for colour.






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