31DC2013 B&W nail art

black marble

Well, to say the black and white challenge frustrated me is almost an understatement. Almost.

I did change my nails because I wasn’t happy with them…and partly because I wanted to try out the saran -or gladwrap for us Aussies- technique. I tried both styles of this technique which you can find here on Spektor’s nails and here on enamel girl. Interestingly enough I found a super awesome technique here on Sonal Sagaraya’s YouTube channel which now makes me feel stupid.

Have you guys tried these techniques? What works best for you?

Let me just say that for a first attempt I’m pretty happy. I did learn that when doing the “paint your nails and squish the gladwrap on after technique” it pays to have painted your nails black rather than white. Why? So you can get a better ‘grey’ blend.

If you don’t understand what I mean, take a look at my ring finger in comparison to the others. Do you see the better grey blend?

On the clean up…eh, I could have done without it, but you just wait and see my next nails. Now that is clean up hell.


black marble


First black and white try.

First black and white try.


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