31DC2013 Metallic


Like I said before it’s a double whammy today. I’ve been a bit lazy.

So metallic nails, as you can see I wanted to try the dry marbling effect again, this time I tried the “paint everything on a ziplock bag and squish, squish, squish” then wait for it to dry and place it on your nails like you would a nail decal. Pretty simple, yet effective technique, be sure to let it completely dry as if it’s not it will stretch rather than come straight off the bag.

The clean up for this process was a bleeeeep! A huge, huge bleep. Probably because I used a foil polish and glitter polishes. Probably.

In all honesty I don’t really like how these turned out. I think I needed more contrasting colours or I needed to add some white polish.

Anyway! Despite my disappointments, I can only get better, especially now I found that video from Sonal!

Hope you’re all enjoying the 31DC2013 -that’s the 31 day challenge 2013- set by the lovely chalkboard nails, Next in rainbow nails…






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