Purple poodle

purple poodle

Ok kiddies I’m back and once again I am super sorry I left you hanging on a cliff edge wondering what are the other colour like! Why have you left me!? Where are your spunky nails and super awesome colour choices. What’s going on………..Ok, maybe not.

Alas I am here to tell you all about purple poodle the 4th colour in Orly’s surreal colours collection. It’s pretty awesome and at first I was worried because it appeared to be a sheer jelly base, it was but the good news is that after 3 or even 4 coats it becomes opaque.

The colour is beautiful and I had so many comments because it is so different looking to many other polished I’ve tried. With little blue/black glitter flecks and some silver and purple micro glitter to give it a little more bling, it truly is one of a kind.


purple poodle


purple poodle


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