Emerald Take 1 – Boy’s nursery-

I suppose you noticed… I don’t live up to my promises very well. Sorry. I guess that can be a new years resolution of mine? It’s just that I’m not sure I will be able to stick to it. I may have a little more free time on my hands come May but I fear I will be spending that napping whenever I can.

You see, we’re having a baby….a boy no less, hence my emerald boy nursery theme.

That’s probably also a contributing factor to why my nails have been so shocking, peeling and breaking at the littlest hint of a touch. Damn weak nails. I haven’t even really been able to wear nail polish without it flaking within minutes and no I have not changed my routine in the slightest.Β  Whatever it is he’s needing, he’s clearly taking it from my precious nails!

Anyway back to the nursery, I was all set on having a girl (Clearly this process would have been far, far easier) but no fate would have it be a boy and all my plans would go out the window…Ok, I totally knew it was a boy from the first scan photos we had, I was just desperately hoping for a girl.

Still, plans had to be made and they were hard! Correction, still are hard! Why is everything much harder if it’s a boy? But after oh, a day, I’m working out what it is I might like to see if his nursery.
I want it to look a little more grown up as I don’t really like “baby” nursery styling, I want something he can grow into and not have to change at age 4 because he hates it…haha, yeah right, that’ll be me in 4-5 years time.

boys emerald

One. Baby animal prints – the animal print shop /Two. White dresser – Malm dresser /Three.Β Emerald replica three round side table – Matt blatt /Four. Mustache wallpaper – C/o spoonflower /Five. Declan metal cot – Incy interiors /Six. Wingback chair – Ikea / Seven. Knitted pouf and rug – Site unknown.


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