Emerald Take 2 – Boys nursery –

So, I think you’ve worked out by now that I really like the colour ‘Emerald’ and want to use it primarily in the little trolls bedroom. The only thing is, I’m having trouble deciding how much to use. It’s either a little or a lot, so far no happy medium.

The idea of a feature wall doesn’t really “ring my bell” if you will, right now if I did have a feature wall it would be something more black and white like the mustache print, top hats or possibly even triangles. Point and case is it would be more graphic.

I love this version as I haven’t seen the declan cot -that green one last post- in person and I have seen this one. I am also in absolute love with the prints! Can’t get enough of them, I’m even thinking I may just plan the room around them.

What do you think?


Emerald baby

One. Animal prints – Society 6 /Two. Porcelain hanging pots – Angus and Celeste /Three. Malm set of draws – Ikea /Four. Boori urbane metro cot – Baby bunting /Five. Replica componibili round draws – Matt blatt /Six. Moroccan tile floor rug – Ebay /Seven. Wingback chair – Ikea /Eight. Knitted pouf and rug – Site unknown.


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