Meredith for Sussan

meredith for sussan

Well lookie, lookie what do we have here? You remember our dear friend Mr. Polish, don’t you?

This little sucker is apart of Sussan’s BCNA range and as you can see from the bottle $2 for each sale will be donated to the Breast cancer network Australia. I’d say that’s worth it, and at only 7.95 it’s a pretty cheap polish anyone can afford. In saying that, I did purchase this a little while back now but I am sure there are still some available AND they’re on sale!

Check out the stunning magenta they picked, it’s not quite true magenta it’s still more on the pink side but every-time I wear it everyone comments on how lovely the colour is. Here I also used a matte top coat and I love it even more!

I need to use matte top coats more often, it makes polishes look….stunning!

meredith for sussan

meredith for sussan


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