Sunset with Ulta3 -Gradient-


So I finished work last week and decided I really should make good use of my time before baby arrives…by painting my nails of course! I have so much polish to swatch it’s pretty crazy, I mean, I have a whole book of ulta3 polishes from their candy couture collection that I haven’t even touched yet…and I just bought their speckled Easter range.

So you see I need to get back into the swing of things and now I’ll have a little time to hopefully do that, well by a little more I mean, probably not much seeing as I’ll have a little Mr Moo floating around screaming at me for feeds and nappy changes etc…Ah, children.

Anywho, here we have a pretty little gradient using sour grape, rock candy and peach pie. I actually love rock candy, it’s a cream like finish and it’s not nearly as bright as these photos seem to suggest. It really is a beautiful red, err, pink, err….pinky red?

The peach pie was a really pretty colour -it’s in the bottle below- but looking back I should have used more of this colour and less of sour grape which really seems to take over. I had no problem with the formula but then again I did use a sponge for application and I could have used a bit of water in the mix for a better gradient consistency.




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