Toffee apple

toffee apple

Some more polish from the Ulta3 candy couture collection, this time it’s toffee apple. Apparently my brain decided I needed to match the nursery walls and who knew this colour would be an almost identical match to Taubmans bright jade. Well now you know.

Again the consistency of Ulta3 polishes still amaze me, for $2 a polish you’d expect something gluggy and inconsistent. Not here. I can firmly say that on my top 3 polishes list Ulta3 sits in the 3 position…Yeah I’m a little bit of a snob as Orly and China Glaze are my 1st and 2nds. Still for a “small” Australian brand, that’s got to tell you something.

Toffee apple is a lovely shade of green much like OPI’s don’t mess with OPI and Ulta3’s animals intern-city. This shade hasΒ slightly more blue undertone than the others but I’d say to the majority of people they’d look like dupes.



toffee apple
toffee apple


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